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But continued pressures pushed Sloan to abruptly retire in March As interim CEO, Parker is not only juggling the day-to-day of the turnaround job, but handling the search for a new CEO to drive a longer-term strategy for the company. Parker reiterated that he is focusing the search on candidates outside of Wells Fargo. Shrewsberry told reporters that regulatory feedback is changing as it works through its improvements, but emphasized that the company is making strides.

Since the new year, Wells Fargo has hired a new chief auditor, chief risk officer, and head of technology.

Cory Wells "End Of A Good Thing"

Still, the asset cap has become a de facto finish line for fixing their issues. Jeremy Bryan, senior portfolio manager at Gradient Investments, told Yahoo Finance Tuesday that the company is working through its weaknesses.

The Well's End

Brian Cheung is a reporter covering the banking industry and the intersection of finance and policy for Yahoo Finance. You can follow him on Twitter bcheungz. Wells Fargo's top and bottom lines beat estimates. Do you think that awards and similar kinds of support are necessary for literature to be successful abroad? Benedict: I think the European Union Prize is especially important for smaller European languages, because it promotes translation.

Lawsuit to End Oil Pollution from Wells Dam | Columbia Riverkeeper

That is, translations of the book are supported by the European Union. The prize was an incredible blessing for me because it simply opened a lot of doors. And for a young author — which I still kind of am — being translated into so many languages is of course a privilege. And obviously, the ones that win awards, the ones that get publicity, the ones that get a lot of reviews in the country of origin, are more likely to be noticed and picked up by the publishers here.

And I think a lot of what we as translators do is finding the less obvious books, the ones that UK publishers might not have heard of. We are scouting and advocating for the literature of our respective languages. Benedict, you were twenty-four when your first novel was published.

Do you have any tips for young writers? Benedict: One thing I can definitely say is that you cannot work hard enough. They should dare to get in your way. Ask yourself why a particular book begins to captivate you on page five and if yours does not, analyse where you might be going wrong.

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I have always tried to compare my own writing to the books I like and value and this allows me to see where the differences are. Government Accountability Office Other parts in this series: 1.

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Petroleum and the Environment: an Introduction 2. Water in the Oil and Gas Industry 3. Induced Seismicity from Oil and Gas Operations 4. Water Sources for Hydraulic Fracturing 5. Using Produced Water 6.

Wells Fargo’s Fledgling RIA Channel to End Year with 11 Advisors

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