Multidisciplinary Economics: The Birth of a New Economics Faculty in the Netherlands

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You will receive the necessary training to deeply understand the relations between diverse disciplines that outline the development of social and government systems. Having a multidisciplinary training in these fields will help you build a versatile profile capable of adapting to the complex globalized workplace of today and having a deep impact in development and social change. Learn how politics, law and economics combined can shape governments, societies and organizations.

Other disciplines

Approach the study of these three diverse but converging fields by truly understanding the relations between each other and the dynamics of their integration in global contexts. This field of study dates back to the s, where it was first offered at the University of Oxford as a modern take on classical studies.

Today, these degrees are offered at top institutions like IE University, where the young leaders of tomorrow are learning how to impact the future growth of societies and organizations on a global scale. Politics impacts virtually every aspect of public and private life.

From social structures to economic performance, political institutions have real transformative power. Regardless of where your career path takes you, knowledge of political processes will allow you to expertly navigate an array of challenges.

Law and Economics

At IE University, you will learn how to analyze current events, evaluate policies and anticipate potential outcomes of policy making decisions. Law provides structure to human society. At the same time, the study of law raises important questions of fairness and justice, challenging us to constantly examine the state of the world around us.

Multidisciplinary Economics at Utrecht University

Bachelor of PLE students will explore these questions, while learning how to construct strong arguments, enhance their critical thinking skills and embrace abstract thought. Economics studies resource allocation, as well as production and distribution of goods and services. This social science allows us to develop an analytical framework through which to dissect individual, organizational and governmental decision making.

As a student of economics, you will examine how policy impacts our world and explore how to design more effective economic models. Additionally, our School is recognized by the four main accrediting agencies and associations in the legal and business training world. IE Law School offers a wide selection of graduate and undergraduate programs to suit an array of student preferences.

Download Multidisciplinary Economics: The Birth Of A New Economics Faculty In The Netherlands

Programs are available in English and Spanish to accommodate an international student body. These publications recognize IE Business School as a leader in academic areas like entrepreneurship and learning technologies. The IE School of Human Sciences and Technology's mission is to educate a new generation of global professionals to leverage the power of science, communications and technology to address the biggest challenges facing our world.

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Analyze and understand societies and organizations. The rise of individual human rights has led some to demand that the right to happiness be enshrined in law as a basic condition.

She finished her MBA with a research in confidence in leadership in relation the the change readiness of the employees. As of she is a lecturer at Wittenborg university. Gilbert is considered an expert in project management and information management, and has published over a academic papers and several books.

This involves regular assessing of project bids as well as follow-up reports. At Wittenborg University, it is his great pleasure to enrich international students with the vibrant and creative German language, culture and society.

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He has participated in a number of publications on using the Design Thinking approach in concept development in hospitality. Over the last twenty years, he has worked at a number of universities in mainland Europe, Latin America and South-East Asia She has been working with academic curricula for more than 10 years including students from lower education as well as higher education. Teaching inexperienced students can be quite a great responsibility which demands not only professionalism but insights as well.

Due to this reason it makes your work a lot more serious.

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The question "How do we want to relate with each other and with our environment" is an important focus in her work and reaches beyond sustainability and our current existing economic and societal systems. I'd like to take an active role in this transition.

Peter has two businesses of his own in language acquisition and services and develops language learning courses. Peter Seas is lecturing the intensive Dutch Languages course as well as the Dutch as a second language modules. She is a researcher, writer trainer and lecturer. With her expertise she is able to provide education towards different cultures. She has conducted research in gender specific leisure time between Dutch and Bulgarian Woman.

Robust, motivated and perseverant, strategic and innovative, practically oriented but bearing in mind man as well as organizational goals. A team builder and organizer, coach and - if necessary - mediator. Myra Qiu started working at Wittenborg since February as an internship at the beginning and became a full-time employee since April Lotte Zwijnenburg's first job was to promote the interests of motorized vehicles in the Netherlands at the industry association RAI.

She continued developing her knowledge and skills of the implications of digital interaction as strategy consultant for digital agencies and she organized the Design for Conversion conferences in Amsterdam, Koln and New York. Main Campus Apeldoorn. Laan van de Mensenrechten VZ, Apeldoorn,. Email Us. Science and technology entertained three generations on Family Day The Family Day event introduced hundreds of families to electrical engineering. Studies Published: Both proposals received funding. Explore Aalto University. Study at Aalto. Open positions. Contact us. Find articles related to climate change.

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