How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

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We share our vision and passion with others. And they don't buy, they don't believe us, and they don't share our vision and passion. We say great things, but people don't believe us, and they don't trust us. So we don't need more good things to say. Instead, we need to learn how to get people to believe and trust the good things we are saying already.

How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less

Whether selling, managing, job hunting, negotiating, pitching an idea, applying for law school, joining a new group, or on your knees with a marriage proposal, the secret of success is based on connecting with other people. And the most powerful new idea for making connections is revealed, step by step, in Nicholas Boothman's breakthrough program of rapport by design. Easily learned, it will help you make the best of any relationship's most important moment: those first 90 seconds.

Never again let shyness get in the way of an appointment or interview. Or leave the making of an important contact to chance. Or find yourself tongue-tied or distracted in social situations. The key, according to Boothman and his plan for face-to-face communication, is simple: the way to make a person like you is to make yourself be like that person, if only for the 90 seconds or less it takes to establish rapport.

Learn the power of a Really Useful Attitude, the secrets of voice tone and body language, the difference between "opening up" words and "closing down" words. And reinforcing all of these skills is knowing how to read another person's sensory preference; most of us are Visual people, some are Kinesthetic, and a few are Auditory.

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So when you say, "I see what you mean" to a Visual, you're really speaking his or her language. And then you're on your way. I will listen to this over and over. There is so much good, concrete information here. Techniques, explanations, how-to's, etc.

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It's much better than I even hoped it would be. I have already gotten along better with the new people I am meeting thanks to the guidelines in this book. I'm so very glad I bought it. It's going to be a treasured title in my audio library. This was my first Audio book and I scored a home run with the choice. It draws heavily on key theories from the world of NLP, yet makes them relevant with a skillful blend of real world example and exercises.

Once you get past the intro chapter, every following chapter arms you with powerful tools that unravel the subconscious art of effective communication. I have previously been on a 2-day intro to NPL and came away with many of the same tools delivered by this book.

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So considering that course cost me Three Hundred pounds I would say this book also represents excellent value for money. However if you do pass these basic tests you will find that this, well narrated book, can make a significant difference in the first few minutes of meeting somebody new, that creates that critical first impression. When I tried the ideas and techniques that are presented in this book, people couldn't help but know that there was something about me they liked. I could then talk to them, and learn more about them.

Soon, I had many friends. It was a wonderful idea. The author's voice was very entertaining. Whatever you do, don't throw away such a wonderful experience because of length. The author knows how to teach everything without wasting time. Unbelievably good. Great for all ages- my daughter read this book, loved it, and soon could understand her current friends and make new ones.

And, if nothing else that I said convinced you to buy this book right away, the music that separates sections and starts and ends the book is very fun to listen to. Connecting with people is a complex skill that comes more easily to some than to others. This book offers some interesting yet easy to apply techniques for the socially challenged that are at least worth a try. I think it will surely boost the confidence of shy people, while improving the effectiveness of communication among the bold. The author provides many helpful examples to explain the concepts he puts forth and does so without getting too wordy or wasting time.

He also does a good job at narration. Boothman does a good job reading his book and he presents his ideas in a well thought out and easily understandable way. He definitely has some good ideas and give some good techniques to increase your likeability. They are, however, only techniques. If you think you can learn a few techniques to instantly 'make people like you' I think you will be a little disappointed. The book is worth a listen but don't expect it to be a magic wand that will turn you into a likeable person that everyone loves. I believe to truly improve yourself you have to start from the inside out.

Do the hard work of actually becoming the best person you can be, someone with honesty, integrity, compassion, forgiveness, love, etc.

How to Make People Like You In 90 Seconds - Audiobook

You will then be someone that naturally draws people to you; you become naturally likeable and will no longer need techniques to 'make' people like you. Some good ideas but narration and audio quality were not so good. I like the book, the voice or tone of reader is boring to death. The content is very interesting. I've listened to this multiple times, always find something new to learn and apply to my interactions.

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The author really does reveal the secrets to being a "people person" for those of us who aren't and there's little filler. Overall the message is very clear: People will like you if you like them. Rating 8. Qualities Applicable. About the Author Nicholas Boothman , a former fashion and advertising photographer, specializes in teaching people how to communicate face-to-face.

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Summary Getting to Know You Unless you live alone on a remote island, your daily interaction with people defines your existence. Your body language should convey openness.

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  • How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less! · Nicholas Boothman · Könyv · Moly.
  • How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less.
  • Establish eye contact, smile and introduce yourself. Extend your arm and offer a firm handshake Read on. Instant access to over 20, book summaries Email: Don't fill this:. For example, an open face smiles, makes eye contact and displays clear expressions such as raised eyebrows, while a closed face looks stern and avoids eye contact. Another key to ensuring that people like and trust you is displaying a consistent and congruous message across your whole body, as inconsistencies will bother people.

    According to former UCLA psychology professor Albert Mehrabian, a prominent figure in the field of communication, credibility depends on the congruity of three communicative aspects: the vocal, the verbal and the visual. Mimicking others is a fundamentally human trait. And this tendency to synchronize continues later in life. For instance, when someone smiles at you, you immediately feel a desire to smile back.

    Similarly, when someone yawns, it makes you want to yawn. This synchronization is a major part of our lives and is especially important when it comes to building rapport. After all, we do seem to prefer people who are in synch with us.

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    • We typically feel best when in the company of people whose behavior is in sync with our own, and studies have shown that we even tend to hire and even date people that look like us. But what exactly is meant by synchronization when it comes to increasing your likeability? Specifically, it refers to discreetly copying and subtly imitating the gestures of your conversation partner, as well as their body posture, facial expressions, breathing and tone of voice.

      Synchronization is especially important for salespeople because a mismatch in communication styles can kill a sales pitch. Synchronizing your voice with that of your conversation partner is also a particularly powerful tool, especially if your interlocutor speaks in a quiet voice and you tend to be louder. So how do you get a chat going in the right direction? Well, questions are perfect for starting conversations, and they come in two forms: those that open people up and those that close them down.

      However, asking the right questions is only half the conversation game. So how do you do this? How are you going to decide where to live? In , Richard Bandler and John Grinder, the founders of the approach to communication known as neuro-linguistic programming , or NLP, realized that people perceive the world by filtering stimuli via one of three different senses: visual, auditory or kinesthetic.

      Naturally, all people use a mix of these three senses as they go about their life, but one always dominates, and knowing which is prevalent in your conversation partner can greatly affect your rapport. People who are predominantly visual care a lot about how things look. They generally tend to think in images, and they probably dress sharply and talk very fast.

      Auditory people love conversation, have fluid, melodic, expressive voices and enjoy the spoken word as well as sounds in general. As a result, they gravitate toward careers in broadcasting, teaching and the law.