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Mustache Monument.


Gargantuar Mime. Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur.

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Trapper Territory. Gizzard Lizard. Disco Dance Floor. Quickdraw Con Man.

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Primeval Yeti. Lost Colosseum.

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Jurassic Fossilhead. Chum Champion. Monkey Smuggler. Blowgun Imp. Buried Treasure.

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Cursed Gargolith. Zombot Aerostatic Gondola. The Hustle is performed in an eight-beat count, which means it will fit into almost any disco song. Tip : While doing the Retro Hustle, be sure to let your arms swing naturally at first, with the occasional dip of the shoulder to emphasize the motion in accordance with the music.

Remember that the point of disco is not to show off but to have fun, whether you have moves like John Travolta or are an enthusiastic newbie taking your first steps on the floor. The Bus Stop is a fun but simple disco dance for beginners. It is often performed to Are You Ready? Do the Bus Stop by the Fatback Band, yet it can be performed with a variety of other disco moves or on its own to any fast-paced disco song.

When The Village People released the disco song Y.

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The Y. Tip : While it's not a required step, you are strongly encouraged to sing your heart out throughout the dance performance of this song. While The Village people don't perform this exact dance in their official music video for Y. The Point Move isn't a whole dance in and of itself, but it is an easily recognizable dance move when it comes to disco. Berry Blast about to be played on Disco Dance Floor. Lawnmower being played on Disco Dance Floor. Categories :.

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Haunting Ghost. Primordial Cheese Shover. Killer Whale. Hunting Grounds. Mondo Bronto. Gargantuar-Throwing Gargantuar. Copter Commando.

Mustache Monument. Gargantuar Mime. Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur. Trapper Territory.

Gizzard Lizard. Disco Dance Floor.